About me

Hi, I'm Marjorie, and I've always been interested by arts, drawing and painting. I studied Graphic Arts and Game Design which helped me become a 3D Artist on several video games for 8 years. Thanks to my past experiences, I decided to take a step back in 2018 and I started painting and selling my own creations as a full-time job.

On this website, you'll get to see most of my card alteration works. This technique means painting directly on a TCG card (such as Polemon or Magic, The Gathering) in order to extend the bacground of the original illustration of the card. By doing so, I searched for more ways to extend the sceneries on canvases, mixing other cards in a composition or even with a 3D effect by overlapping several layers.

As I like a lot of different techniques, you can also discover some of my black and white drawings made with black ink, pens and alcohol markers, but also watercolors and personal creations made with acrylic or oil painting. Check out the GALLERY tab to discover them, or head out to the SHOP tab to purchase one...

And if all those creations gave you some ideas of your own, check out the COMMISSIONS tab to get more information about the various custom-made formats I propose, and then contact me through the CONTACT tab to let me know your thoughts.

I let you discover my passion and I truly hope you'll like all my handmade creations. Fans, geeks, collectors or even art enthusiasts, you're all welcome in here!