Do you send custom commissions or orders from your shop anywhere in the world?

Yes, I can ship any purchase worldwide

Why didn't I received any anwser from my message sent through the contact tab?

I really like discussing with you all, but answering to mails and messages can sometimes take me several days because I'm all alone to reply to everyone while also working on commissions, managing the shop and its stock, preparing all your orders and also making new creations.

What are the shipping rates for an order to my country?

You'll find all the answers about shipping and returns on the dedicated page here.

What is the currency used in the shop?

Wether on the shop or for a custom-made commission, all my prices are displayed in Euro (€). If you purchase an order with your local currency, the payment solution selected will automatically manage the currency conversion.

Do I have to send you the card(s) I want for a custom-made commission?

Regarding commissions, if the card price resolves around €1 to €5, I'm usually able to provide the card with no additional cost. If the desired card is above €5, there is generally a fee applied based on the card rarity. Depending on your project and the cards it implies, I'll decide if I can obtain it myself on your behalf or if it'll be up to you to provide it.

I have a question, a specific request or a problem, what can I do?

In general, feel free to contact me through the Contact tab of the website, or send me a mail at mwoaa.collection@gmail.com 

Can I commission a creation which is not on your "Commission"tab?

I can slightly step aside what I usually propose if that fits my style and techniques, on a case-by-case basis. But I don't do portraits of people and I won't do realistic-style creations.