2021 Commissions schedule


(until my schedule is fully booked)

Pokemon and Magic alteration on original cards

Alteration can cover the full card or only partially. I can work with the Holo foil effect depending on the original card selected. All altered cards will receive a varnish protection finish then shipped in a sleeve and a top loader.

I can provide the original cards for free when they are easy to find, but I may add an extra depending on the card rarity. If you wish me to paint on a very rare or expensive one, I would request you to provide it to me


Price: starting from €50* (~US$60)

Composition of several cards

These compositions are made of several cards displayed in a structured or deconstructed way. The goal is to have YOUR Pokémon highlighted and extend the scenery through other cards the way you want.
Varnish protection finish.

As this kind of creation is composed, mounted and glued on a custom-sized medium, you can let your imagination go free.

The medium used for composition is foamboard. It is made of a 0.2in foam layer covered with smooth and rigid card stock that makes such compositions very delicate objects.

Sizes & prices:

– 11x22 cm (4.3x8.7in) starting from €130* (~US$160)
– 17x22cm (6.7x8.7in) starting from €160* (~US$195)
– 22x24cm (8.7x9.4in) starting from €180* (~US$220)
– 12x35cm (4.7x13.8in) starting from €250* (~US$300)
– 24x36cm (9.4x14.2in) starting from €400* (~US$485)

For a different size or more cards, feel free to contact me. It generaly costs an average of €50 (~US$60) per card.
You can also add a custom-sized black wooden frame with anti-reflection plexiglass for €20 to €30 (~US$25 to ~US$35) depending on the frame size.

Canvas + original card

Full card alteration of a Pokémon card applied at the center of a square canvas. Alteration will completely run over the canvas to make even more room for the background. The card outline will be enhanced by a partial white or black border that enhances the original card, as it is the main element.
Varnish protection finish.

The canvas is less than 0.4in, made of duffel cotton with no wooden frame and have asperities such as a painters’ canvas.
A composition of several cards is doable, therefore there must be some consistency between them for this to work.

Sizes & prices:

– 15x15cm (5.9x5.9in) canvas starting from €120* (~US$145)
– 20x20cm (7.8x7.8in) canvas starting from €150* (~US$180)

3D Frame

3D frames use several copies of the same Pokemon card, cut and split into 5 background layers in order to give more depth to the scene.

As the whole idea is not about enhancing the background on just one layer, it's important to take some time and think about the layering to have the best rendering possible. Which also means this creation will not work with all cards, and we'll have to chat together about the best way to realize your 3D frame project.

The frame itself is made of wood and is custom-sized to this unique 20x26x2,5cm (7.9x10.2x1in) dimension. The creation within measures 15x21cm (5.9x8.3in). Please also note that, once finished, these 3D frames will be sent in a parcel.

This kind of creation is requiring quite some thinking, concieving and working time, that's why there will be limited comission slots available throughout the year. Feel free to contact me if you want to order one and book your spot!


€350* (~US$420)

Europe shipping: €18€ (~US$22)
Worldwide shipping: €38 (~US$46)
Additional shipping insurance +€6 (~US$7)

Holo foil paper + original holo foil card

Alteration of a holo foil card + extension of the illustration over a holo foil paper, glued on foam board. I strongly advise you to frame this fragile and dust-sensitive creation.
Varnish protection finish.

Size & price:

– 15x15cm (5.9x5.9in) canvas starting from €120* (~US$145)

You can also add a custom-sized black wooden frame with anti-reflection plexiglass for €20 to €30 (~US$25 to ~US$35) depending on the frame size.

Ink drawing

Drawn on a 115lb thickness ``kraft`` colored CANSON paper type, or 41lb thickness Kraft paper type. Ink drawings make a good use of the strong black and white contrast. It can be enhanced with some grey alcohol markers or colored notes brought by watercolor or crayons.

Available on 41lb or 115lb ``kraft`` paper.

Sizes & prices:

– A5 (8.3x5.9in) Pokémon starting from €40* (~US$43)
– A4 (8.3x11.7in) Pokémon starting from €80* (~US$87)
– A5 (8.3x5.9in) Background or character starting from €100* (~US$120)
– A4 (8.3x11.7in) Background or character starting from €180* (~US$220)
– A3 (11.7x16.5in) possible, price will vary depending on your project.

* Prices may vary depending on the original cards value, size chosen and commision complexity.

Shipping costs are not included in all the prices shown on this page. You can find more information about shipping here. Worldwide shipping available.

You can send me your ideas through the contact tab and we will see together how to create your project 🙂